About Our Kennels

About us

We are a small family run breeding kennels with over 20 years breeding experience and we aim to breed dogs of the highest quality. As a result a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers or referrals. We don't breed dogs for show, we do everything we can to breed puppies for pets with great temperaments that will be part of your family life. 

Our breeding kennel blocks are light airy and easy to clean, they have beds for comfort and warmth. At times we play soft gentle music in the kennels to create a calm atmosphere. 

Inside and outside runs are slightly larger than licence requirements. Every kennel has an outside run and the dogs are out everyday. 

When you buy a pup from Goitre  you will get on going support throughout your pet's life if needed. You will be assured that only highest nutrition and the best possible care has been provided, you know all this because you are the advertising that a professional breeder relies on 'word of mouth' advertising from a happy and satisfied customer.

Our Pledge

We believe in the natural evolution of all breeds of dogs, we also believe it is essential to support mother nature's process of natural selection. 

Our philosophy is natural breeding - free from man made breed standards and interference. 

We truly believe that a puppy should be born - not to conform or perform - but to live and be loved. 

We are proud that we do our utmost to breed healthy, well socialised little dogs and we will never intentionally breed from a sire/dam that is not healthy.

Our Team